The Project

BOGEN Electronic GmbH, a German company with a 60 year history, is recognized as a leading magnetic production specialist for information recording and measurement. The aim of this project is to improve BOGEN’s position in the magnetic measurement field and increase turnover, create new jobs and increase profit.

The project objective is to bring a new magnetic measurement solution to market that will extend the applicability of magnetic measurement in two directions:
– Enter a new business area, where customers request bigger reading distances between scale and sensor
– Higher accuracy, especially to compete with optical measurement systems with a cheaper magnetic solution
The development of the new measurement solution requires three parts:
– Improve the MR elements reading magnetic scales to read the scales at a bigger distance ,
– Improve the inductive writing methodology to write pole pitches smaller than 250 microns,
– Replace the existing MR elements in the current sensing heads with the new MR elements and finalize the product

With the results of the project, BOGEN can increase the reading distance to for several industries, where the accuracy is secondary to the reading distance. With the increased reading distance, finer pole pitches can be read at a shorter distance.
This will provide access to many measuring tasks that can be measured only with optical solutions today and open a market potential of € 600 million. The combination – using new MR technology and smaller scale increments – will lead to magnetic measurement solutions with higher accuracy at lower cost. During the feasibility study, a new MR based solution was developed and successfully tested. BOGEN has a lot of experience in sensing head design and magnetic scale production, with a patent covering the most effective method to produce the smallest scale increments. The project work is organized to bring the solution from technology readiness level 6 to 9.

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