Video Release

BOGEN Electronic has produced a video about the tuMaPos project and its successful outcome, the X-class product line. If you like to get a summary of the project and information about the new highly accurate measuring system X-class take four minutes and watch this video.

Trade Show Participations 2018

In 2018 the X-class product line will be exhibited at the following international trade shows:

  • automatica, 19th – 22nd June 2018, Munich/Germany
  • Sensor + Test, 26th – 28th June 2018, Nuremberg/Germany
  • Industrial Automation, 27th – 29th June 2018, Shenzhen/China
  • IAS, 19th – 23rd September 2018, Shanghai/China
  • productronica, 26th – 28th September 2018, Bangalore/India
  • Robo Business, 27th – 28th September 2018, Santa Clara/USA
  • SPS IPC Drives, 27th – 29th November 2018, Nuremberg/Germany

We would be pleased to meet you personally at the booth of BOGEN Electronic. We will gladly inform you about X-class, its technical features and the new measuring possibilities for your specific application.

Number of visitors surpasses expectations

Since years the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg/Germany is a fixed trade show in BOGEN´s calendar. In 2017 the highly accurate measurement system X-class has been launched at SPS show. X-class is the product line resulting of the tuMaPos project. The X-class encoders are based on a pole pitch of 80 micron and achieve impressive system accuracies of 5 micron and better.

This year the SPS-show has been remarkably successful: 25 % more leads than last year proof that the automation industry has realized that magnetic measurement systems are an adequate alternative to other existing measurement systems. Mainly expensive and sensitive optical systems can be replaced by highly accurate magnetic measurement systems like BOGEN´s X-class.

The development of the number of visitors at BOGEN´s booth and their expertise urge the whole team on to pursue the goals we have for X-class in future.

Successful Trade Show Participation at EMO

From 18th-23rd September 2017 the EMO – the world´s leading trade show for metal processing – was held in Hanover/Germany. BOGEN Electronic participated as an exhibitor and introduced its products, especially the highly accurate X-class series.

BOGEN´s magnetic measurement solutions are predestinated for industrial applications: They are immune against contamination, robust against vibrations and insensitive against temperature fluctuations. The metal processing industry´s high requirements concerning accuracy in drilling, milling and cutting can be fulfilled with BOGEN´s X-class encoders in combination with the matching scales.

Metal processing is another industry sector where highly accurate magnetic measurement solutions like BOGEN´s X-class can replace a lot of existing measurement systems. The leads generated at EMO show that the industry has huge interest in new solutions and BOGEN will follow up this market potential.

X-class received the title “Best of 2017” of the “Huber Industry Price”

With the INDUSTRIEPREIS, the German specialist publisher “Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH” awards advanced industrial products with high economic, social, technological and ecological benefits. The expert jury awarded BOGEN´s X-class products in the category “Electrical Engineering” with the title BEST OF 2017, which makes us very proud.

The X-class product line from BOGEN revolutionizes the market of modern measurement technology due to its outstanding accuracy within the field of magnetic measuring systems. Where previously expensive optical systems had to be used to achieve the required measuring results, the use of more cost-effective and more insensitive magnetic measuring solutions is possible with X-class.

Certificate Huber Industry Price 2017

X-IKS19 – The Smallest Magnetic Measuring Head for Industrial Applications

BOGEN Electronic GmbH is presenting the extension of the X-class product series at Hannover Fair: the new micro-encoder X-IKS19. This encoder is the latest development which has arisen within the tuMaPos project. With the X-IKS19, measurement solutions can be realized in the smallest possible space because the very small measuring head is arranged flat above the linear scale. The measuring head and scale can be implemented in a space of 20 mm length, 6 mm width and 5 mm height. This makes the X-IKS19 the smallest available magnetic measuring head for industrial applications. More functionality in a smaller space is required in many industries, such as electrical engineering, automation, mechanical engineering or robotics.

The X-IKS19 offers a resolution of up to 80 nanometers and, together with the X-class linear scales from BOGEN, a measuring accuracy better than 5 micrometers per meter. It has a digital ABZ interface, which is suitable for movement speeds up to 10 m/s and an output frequency up to 12.5 MHz.

BOGEN Managing Director Dr. Torsten Becker: “The market demands two points for magnetic measurement solutions: Higher accuracy and smaller size. The X-class measuring solution with the X-IKS19 fulfills these requirements and changes the performance spectrum of magnetic measurement technology. The X-IKS19 allows designers to create completely new solutions.”

Due to the small dimensions of the X-IKS19 and the design freedom with magnetic scales, magnetic measuring systems can be realized where no measurement was possible so far. With the E2E (Engineer-to-Engineer) program, BOGEN will be able to advise customers of special measurement solutions in the future.

Technically, BOGEN’s X-class encoders are based on pole pitches of 80 micron up to 500 micron. With a newly developed technique, the measuring heads read this pole pitch at a greater distance than before and reach system accuracies of 5 micron and better. This means that the accuracy of magnetic measurement systems reaches almost optical systems. Furthermore they are more cost-effective and – because of their insensitivity to dirt – more robust alternatives for highly accurate measuring tasks.

BOGEN presents X-class at AUTOMATE Show in Chicago

BOGEN and its US subsidiary exhibit at the AUTOMATE show in Chicago, IL from 3rd to 6th April 2017. AUTOMATE is the broadest automation solutions event in North America. The X-class product line is the main focus at BOGEN´s stand. The X-class products are an innovation result from the tuMaPos project. They were launched at SPS IPC Drives in November 2016. The X-class encoders are based on a pole pitch of 80 micron and achieve system accuracies of 5 micron and better. They represent a true innovation in magnetic measurement technology, which reaches a lot of optical measurement systems in its accuracy. Typical application areas of the X-class products are highly accurate measurement challenges in automation and robotics.

Award for tuMaPos Member

Tiago Costa, who is member of the tuMaPos R&D team, has received a prize from University of Lisboa’s institute NFIST (institute of mechanical engineering and physics for young academics). Within his master thesis, Tiago Costa has designed a scientific poster which outlines the use of magnetic measurement technology in industrial applications. For this scheme he has been awarded. Congratulations!

Successful launch of X-class products at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Nov. 2016

BOGEN Electronic launched the new product line X-class at the SPS IPC Drives from 22nd until 24th Nov. 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany. The X-class is a new encoder with 80 micron pole pitch and the corresponding linear and rotary scales. The X-class performance is close to optical systems but at a lower price and with better resistance against dirt and liquids. Due to these properties customers as well as competitors were very interested in the new sensing heads and scales and the introduction of X-class was a vast success. Please contact BOGEN for more information.


BOGEN introduces new product line “X-class” as a result of tuMaPos

Since tuMaPos started great progress has been made. As a result of the project BOGEN´s new product line “X-class” will be introduced at the fair SPS IPC Drives (22nd until 24th Nov, 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany). BOGEN will introduce the new X-class sensing heads and scales with an impressive performance close to optical systems but at a much lower price and with better resistance in dirty environment. Visit BOGEN Electronic in hall 4A, booth 445!